Artificial Insemination

In case of mating difficulties, there is the option of Artificial Insemination (AI). We implant fresh semen, which is collected prior from the mating stud. The breeding bitch can be examined by cervical smear. Progesterone levels are often evaluated to pinpoint ovulation prior to mating.

Pet Supplies

We stock a wide range of food (including prescription diets), toys, jackets, treats, flea and worm treatments, collars and leads for dogs, puppies and cats. We have a great range of MUST-HAVES from leading manufacturers such as Hills, Royal Canin and Eukanuba. If there is something we are missing we are more than happy to order it in for you.

Mobile Vet Clinic

Mobile Vet Clinic

If you are unable to get your pet to the clinic and they need emergency treatment, we are more than happy to collect them for you and bring them back

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Digital Radiography

We have a digital radiography system at the Ostend clinic which enables us to immediately process high quality images without the use of film and chemicals.

Internal Medicine

This applies to all conditions that require medicine or other non-surgical intervention. Some examples of medical conditions are diabetes, feline asthma

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Advanced Surgical Procedures

Advanced and Routine Surgical Procedures

Performing surgery requires a high level of knowledge, experience and dexterity, something we pride ourselves in. All of our surgeries are performed following the highest possible standards, with a focus on excellent pain management.

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Microchipping should be considered as a normal part of responsible pet ownership. Registration to a national database is included.

The microchip implant is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted by a vet, under the skin between the shoulder blades. This procedure can be done during a regular consultation or while your pet is under anaesthetic for another procedure.

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Health Examinations

Health Examinations and Preventative Medicine

On a daily basis we provide comprehensive health checks, vaccinations, worming and flea treatment for your pet.

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Good dental hygiene is as important for your pet as it is for us. Approximately 80% of dogs and cats show signs of dental disease such as; bad breath

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Exotic Pet Bird Medicine

There are many bird-lovers on the island, both exotic and native. Looking after them is important to us and our bird-loving team are there to help. There is also good network of support-carers on the island that we can put you in touch with to help rehabilitate and release. All creatures ‘great and small’ are welcome here at Vets on Waiheke & Waiheke Vets and will all be treated with the same professionalism and respect.