Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

Not only will we give you advice on your pet’s nutrition on your annual visits, but we also run our own Weight Loss Clinic.

Weight problems and nutritional imbalance is an increasing problem we see every single day. Being overweight will decrease quality and length of life for your pet.

Health risks involved in being obese are heart disease, joint problems, diabetes, bladder diseases, increased blood pressure and constipation. This is why it is so important for your pet to maintain a healthy weight with a complete diet.

We know how hard it is for your pet to lose weight and would like to support you as best as we can! We offer you an extended consultation, where we calculate your pet’s percentage of body fat, their ideal weight and customise an exercise and diet program to help them achieve this goal.

There are weight loss diets available, but if your animal is a very fussy eater, we can also work out a dietary plan for you without changing too much. For a one-off charge the weight loss program will continue for as long as necessary, with regular free follow-up visits where we can make adjustments to the program if required.

Book in for a comprehensive consultation and dietary plan with our nutrition nurse Monique at Waiheke Vets.